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​​​ The Vander Hoek Corporation is committed to building and operating quality, comfortable, and convenient luxury apartment homes; as well as efficient, attractive and desirable commercial retail and office space in the “heart” of Old Bellevue, while providing a fun, enjoyable and rewarding work environment for its employees.​


We hope you will browse around and find out how the Vander Hoek family has shaped the Bellevue, Washington region through community stewardship, entrepreneurship, as well as property ownership and development.

The Vander Hoek Family currently owns and operates multiple properties, but their rich history includes various other entrepreneurial enterprises that you can read about in our Family History section.

In addition to being successful entrepreneurs, various members of the Vander Hoek Family have been and still are extremely active in local government, civic and not-for-profit organizations. The Vander Hoek Family is well known for its stewardship to promote and ensure a stable business environment in Bellevue, Washington and throughout the Eastside.​